Previously Unreleased Song From Chester Bennington

One of Chester Bennington’s last known recordings is finally public-a collaboration with Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton. The song, “Cross Off”, appears on Morton’s collaborative album, Anesthetic, coming March 1st.

Bennington recorded the track with Morton in the spring of 2017, just a few months his death. Morton recently told Metal Hammer:

“He just had a lot of creative input at the ready when he came into the studio,” revealed That was my initial like, ‘Wow.’ He had told me he really liked the song, and we had communicated, but I’d never really hung out with Chester until when we started tracking.”

He continued, “I was really impressed for a guy at his level, at the place in the career he was at, someone of his stature and celebrity, to have that level of humility and commitment to come in there and treat this like it would be a Linkin Park song.”

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