I can't understand why but Cadbury Creme Egg Mayo is a thing...

Alright, alright now THIS is taking the mayo mashups TOO FAR!

This odd creation is actually real. YUP. However, there is one small shred of decent news: it's only available in England. For once I'm happy to say that we as a country did not decide THIS was a good thing.

Yes Cadbury Creme Eggs and Mayo are both VERY popular in the U.K. but honestly there is NO REASON ON EARTH to combine the two! The crazy concoction is being given away (because who would pay for it?) between April 11th-April 13th at London's Truman Brewery. According to U.K. publications, who were able to get their hands on the "mayo" before it's official release, the funky mashup is "surprisingly bland, but sweet" and according to others it smells too much like mayonnaise... I mean it's mayo, mustard, and Cadbury Creme Eggs, I'm not sure what smell I'd prefer more.

Thanks, but no thanks!