Target is selling an inflatable pool for ADULTS...FINALLY!

Nothing's worse than being in the heat of summer and the only thing you can find are those teeny tiny kiddie pools, if you can even find those! Well Target has answered our pleas: an inflatable pool that will fit up to 3 adults and I am HERE FOR IT!

The inflatable pools measure 5.5 ft wide, 1.5 ft tall, and hold 125 gallons of water...oh and apparently they're SUPER easy to set up; which let's be honest if it isn't hassle free who has the time?! Plus the pools are crazy cute! They come in six different patterns, all available at Target, and are only $40.

I know what you're thinking, "It's cute, but will I use it?" Ummmmm if you don't have it, you WON'T use it because they'll all be sold out by the time you WANT it....I'd say get it now and you won't be sorry babes!