This Micro Handbag Will Cost You a Pretty Penny!


This week at Paris Fashion Week, Jacquemus debuted their "mini purses". Seriously that's how big they are! It's not some kind of trick of the eye, perspective thing; they truly are THAT small! And of course the price tag does not match the size...if you want to rock a Mini Purse (please don't) you'll need to drop at least $500. But whyyyyyy? It literally only fits on one finger! You know in case you just want to carry a bobby pin around...

YEAHHHHHH I mean I get it, the runway is not for real fashion, it's for the shock value; but seriously why even put it on sale then? Designers should simply call it what it is: an outrageous prop, not meant for actual consumers. But hey some sucker somewhere is going to buy it right? Yup! That is why you can purchase the handcrafted mini purse in various colors. Plus, look down has a strap! Because that definitely makes it more functional...

I just can't with today.

Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly

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