Drew Barrymore's got some makeup hacks!

Drew Barrymore, been in the Hollywood biz since she was a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty thing.  So if there's anyone who has learned a trick or two when it comes to makeup  application...I'd think it would be the woman who has sat in countless makeup chairs over the years!


First off, applying moisturizer AFTER she puts on the foundation and contours...WHATTT?!  But will it give me that dewy, fresh look? I don't doubt it! The question is, will I be able to keep all of original makeup application on my face while attempting "dab" moisturizer...we will see.  

Second applying the lipstick to the cheeks, AFTER she's already put on blush.  Is that GENIUS...I think so! It looks so cohesive!  I've heard of people using their lipsticks as blush, but I've never seen it done well.  She crushed it!

And finally, she put her setting powder on dead LAST!  Yeah, after she applied foundation; contoured, dabbed on the moisturizer, applied the lipstick blush... Only and only then was it time for the powder.  Of all of the seemingly "out of order" makeup applications we've seen in the video this is the only one I'm really kind of struggling with.  Won't the powder dull my highlight or dim my contour?  Should I go heavier on both so as to combat the final application of the powder?  Is this a thing people too, and I've just been the one doing things wrong? 

Lots of questions here.  I'll try Drew's makeup tips and let you know how it all pans out tomorrow! 

Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly

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