Time to take a WEIRD road trip around PA!

1. Nuclear Waste Bunker (UNION COUNTY)

2. Earliest Evidence of Human Life in North America (WASHINGTON COUNTY)

3. Mansion meant for Marie Antoinette (BRADFORD COUNTY)

4. Moon Trees (all over)

5. Trolley Graveyard (SOMERSET COUNTY)

6. Americas Oldest Surgical Theater (Philly)

7. Corvette Coffin (West Moreland County)

8. Columicille Megalith Park (NORTHAMPTON COUNTY)

9. A BODY FARM (WHATTTTT?!)--Apparently they study decomposition (EW) (FAYETTE COUNTY)

10. Abandoned "Concrete City" (LUZERNE COUNTY)

 You do the rest of the legwork here....Or just watch the video below....and get to planning that roadtrip! 

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