My Chemical Romance Sparks US Tour Rumors With Cryptic Video

THIS. IS. NOT. A. DRILL! My Chemical Romance seems to be hinting at a US tour and I'm not okay (I promise).

Following an addition U.K. show and a handful of European shows announced earlier this week, it seems like the guys are gearing up for a trek around North America.

On Tuesday (January 28), My Chemical Romance posted a video to its social media accounts laden with cryptic symbols that have fans buzzing. “WHAT DOES THIS MEAN OMG!!!” one fan commented. “USE YOUR F****** WORDS PLEASE AND THANK YOU,” another wrote (but also, like, RT!).

While, at first glance, the short video may not look like much savvy fans quickly began decoding the unusual symbols that look random lines connected by points.

But, as it turns out, the symbols are actually sigils — a type of symbol used in magic — the same symbols singer Gerard Way wore on his shirt at the band's comeback show.

With that knowledge, a fan flocked to a decoding site that basically confirmed the cities — including Brooklyn, LA, Dallas, and Atlanta — MCR will be hitting up at an unknown time.

The band has yet to confirm the suspicions but it seems like a sure bet My Chemical Romance will be hitting a city near you. It'd make sense too since the band's LA comeback show made so much money it literally SHATTERED A RECORD

A social media post by guitar makers Fender has also sparked rumors that the band is planning a real tour for this year. Plus, it seems like MCR is also teasing an album!

Photos: Getty Images // Twitter

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