Blink-182 Pay Homage To Myspace With Interactive 'Nine' Website

We're all suckers for nostalgia, and blink-182 knows it. First they catered to it by announcing they'd be playing Enema of the State in its entirety during their summer tour to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and now they're taking us back to the glory days of Myspace with a custom, interactive website promoting their upcoming album, NINE. The site, appropriately named Ninespace, is designed to mirror a profile on the OG social media platform. Fans are able to change the profile picture and the background, while listening to blink's whole discography. It even has a Top NINE, which obviously includes Tom. Aside from its nostalgic awesomeness, the site also features promotional tools for fans to easily pre-order the album and shop for merch.

The band promoted the site on Instagram. "RIP myspace ⚰️ but our NINEspace lives on. Check it out and maybe we'll add you in our Top 9 you filthy animals 😘" the wrote alongside a teaser clip.

Check out the post below and look out for NINE on September 20.

Though we're eagerly anticipating NINE to drop, Mark Hoppus recently got us excited for future blink releases too. During an interview with ALT 98.7, the bassist/singer divulged that they're already working on a follow-up EP that will include collaborations with Pharrell and Lil Uzi Vert. That project is expected to drop sometime next year.

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