Smith & Thell Explain The Long Process Of Writing "Forgive Me Friend"

Sweden's Smith & Thell had already taken hold in their home country when their song "Forgive Me Friend" became a hit in the U.S. this year.

Singer-songwriters Maria Jane Smith and Victor Thell have been collaborating since the days of MySpace, first lending their talents to other artists and in recent years to their own project.

Smith tells Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box with Jonathan Clarke that the duo's first American hit was written and re-written several times before it finally felt right.

"We actually wrote it three years ago," Smith says. "But we released it this fall. And it actually was three songs that we made into one song."

Once they had the music for the song ironed out, she says they began working on the lyrics. Ironically, the song's message is based on regrets Smith and Thell had at the fact that their music career was taking so much of their time and attention away from other people in their lives.

"It's about a friendship that went a little bit downhill," she continues. "We've been working a lot and there wasn't too much time to take care of the ones [we] love the most."

Check out the full interview and Smith & Thell's in-studio performance in the player above or here.

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Here's the acoustic music video for "Forgive Me Friend":

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