Hayley Williams Advises To Ask 'What's Going On Inside' Before Hair Dyeing

Hayley Williams is known as the vibrant frontwoman of Paramore who's always rocking a different hair color, and has turned that love of expression into a business venture in the form of her Good Dye Young hair dye line. Now, the hair dyeing veteran is giving some words of wisdom to others who are thinking about expressing themselves in bold ways.

During an interview with Insider, the entrepreneur suggests looking inward before changing your outward appearance by asking questions like "What's going on inside of yourself?" and "Why do you want to do this?"

"Is there something going on? Did you go through a breakup? Are you getting a new job? Are you moving to a new town?" she asks. "What's the 'why' behind why you're dyeing your hair?"

"I think if you know why you're choosing certain accessories, or why you're expressing yourself in specific ways, it helps to feel more confident when that gets questioned," she continued before admitting she received her fair share of weird looks upon moving to the conservative town of Franklin, Tennessee and donning brightly colored locks.

Fortunately, the world of fashion has begun to embrace bold looks more in recent years, and Williams couldn't be happier. "I don't really use this word lightly - because I know representation means a lot more than choices that you make in hair and beauty - but to see people who want to express their identity in really loud ways represented in fashion, and on the covers of very typically, conventionally, beautiful magazines, I think it's really nice for girls who weren't like me at 14, who weren't defiant and angsty, but yet, they really were interested in being trendy, and they were interested in being beautiful," she said. "And there's nothing wrong with that."

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