Hailey Bieber Responds To Maynard James Keenan Dissing Justin Bieber

Last week, Maynard James Keenan gave the most Maynard James Keenan response ever when Justin Bieber revealed he was a Tool fan.

When the frontman caught wind of the pop star's fandom he only needed one word to respond: "#bummer"

Though Justin hasn't responded to the diss directly, his wife Hailey Bieber is standing up for him. "He expressed he was a fan of your music. Grew up listening to your music. You must be unhappy with yourself that you want to make people feel small who express their admiration for you," she wrote in response to Maynard's short and not-so-sweet Twitter reaction. "Very childish and hurtful thing to do. I hope u find security within yourself. Sad place to be"

Check out the interaction below.

Justin originally showed his love for the band by sharing lyrics from the 10,000 Days track "The Pot" on his Instagram story. “Who are you to wave your finger?/ You must have been outta your head/ Eye hole deep in muddy waters/ You practically raised the dead” he wrote in a post before acknowledging the assumed disconnect between his fanbase and Tool's.

"If you know what the song is to the lyrics I posted write them down on my last post don’t look it up please I’m curious if any of you know it,” he wrote.

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