Bishop Briggs Reveals What Makes Her a "Champion" After Sharing New Song

A little over a year ago, Bishop Briggs shared her debut album Church of Scars, and the singer/songwriter has already returned with new music in the form of a brand new single called "Champion," along with its accompanying music video. The visual, directed by Tim Mattia (who has also directed videos for The Killers, The 1975, twenty one pilots and more), follows Briggs on an action-packed adventure.

"Champion," which was co-written with Briggs' close friend K.FLAY, is an inspiring anthem about rising above and overcoming obstacles as she sings, "You gotta get bruised before you get mad/ You gotta fall down before you fight back/ Was feeling so weak but baby I'm strong/ Little did I know I'm a champion." She exclusively explained to iHeartRadio of her new song:

"I feel really proud of it. I feel like as a woman, you have to be a lot of things all at once, and it can be really overwhelming. And I just thought, how crazy would it be if I just focused in on the things that I was proud of. And things like treating people with kindness and having a strong work ethic were enough to make me a champion and to walk into each room and walk through life with that self-confidence. I thought, maybe if I wrote a song about it, I would be repeating it in my head that I was a champion, and maybe, one day, it would come true."

Brigs added of collaborating with K.FLAY, "She's incredible and it felt so helpful to be in the room with someone that knew my relationship, and knew the things I was going through, and I could be completely vulnerable. So, it's nice that she's someone that I did this with because we can celebrate together and have more friendship dates. It's really exciting."

Bishop also revealed her favorite lyrics in the song, and they are words that she personally feels close to. She explains, "'Cursing the world/ I burn the songs I wrote a million times in my head.' So true. Oh my gosh. The amount of times that I have so much emotional attachment to the songs, that I have to therapeutically burn them in my brain to either get rid of them or remember them, so that I don't go back with that person. That line just really resonates."

Bishop Briggs - "Champion" Cover Art

Bishop Briggs - "Champion" Cover Art