Frank Iero Got Permission From Former Bandmates For 'I'm Not Okay' Lyric

Frank Iero And The Future Violents caused quite the stir when they released their lead single, "Young and Doomed." In the song, the former My Chemical Romance guitarist referenced his old band with the lyrics "Cause kids are so unkind/ To kids of different kinds/ And I promise that I'm not okay/ (Oh, wait, that's the other guy)," which is a nod to MCR's hit "I'm Not Okay (I Promise)."

During a recent interview with Rock Sound backstage at 2000 Trees Festival, Iero explained how he came up with the now iconic lyric, and how his former bandmates reacted to it.

"Here’s the thing — I remember the moment too — it fit so perfect, and it came out of my mouth in my basement, writing the words to this verse. And I was like ‘oh that would be so good if it did that,’" Iero said, recalling the song's writing process. "It fit so nicely — and it really tied together the different worlds. And immediately I wrote an email to the guys and was like ‘hey listen, I’ve got this song, I think I’m gonna drop this reference… people are going to lose their minds about it, how do feel about it?’ and everyone was like ‘oh no that’s hilarious.’"

Watch the interview below.

For anyone who thinks these connections could have something to do with a MCR reunion, don't hold your breath. Iero recently made fun of Joe Jonas for proclaiming that he heard the band rehearsing in New York, and has previously denied that they're getting back together.

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