Billie Eilish Meets Idol Avril Lavigne, Thanks Singer For 'Making' Her

Billie Eilish is living her BEST LIFE right now. 

Just yesterday (July 12), the Justin Bieber super-fan released a remix of her hit "bad guy" with the pop singer. Then that same day, she uploaded a photo to her Instagram with her idol, Avril Lavigne, and it's safe to say, she could not contain her excitement.

In the photo, both singers are standing close and have huge smiles on their faces. Eilish captioned the snapshot "THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME WHAT I AM." This isn't the first time she's freaking out about Lavigne. She previously posted when the singer followed her on social media and tweeted about her album.

Last week, she sat down with Pitchfork and gushed about Lavigne in a video segment called "Over/Under" where she decided if something was overrated or underrated. When it came to the "Complicated" singer, she let her stan side really show! "Underrated! Oh my god! Avril Lavigne was everything to me," she screamed. "I love Avril Lavigne. I only love her, there is nothing else there. I just love [her]. There's, like, almost no artist like that."

She continued to confess that if it wasn't for Lavigne, she wouldn't be who she was today or the artist she was. "Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber I only love [them]. Her, Tyler [The Creator], [Childish] Gambino, and Bieber, to be honest, made me."

Later in the segment, she gushed about having her idol's number and even texting her sometimes. Now we just wait for the two to collaborate! Speaking of collabs, she also uploaded a photo with rapper Travis Scott; which could hint at a possible project between the two!

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