Thom Yorke Doesn't Trust Music Algorithms Because They Think He'd Like Muse

Thom Yorke has never been one to hide how he really feels, so when The Sunday Times asked him if he liked music algorithms he was unapologetically honest. “No," he said with a laugh. ‘If you like this, you’ll like this’, and then it gives me… MUSE.”

Though he may not be a fan of the English alt-rockers, the Radiohead frontman did praise a new artist during the interview. He explained how he had taken his daughter to a Billie Eilish concert recently, and despite his nemesis Sam Smith also being in attendance, he had a good time.

“That was a fine moment,” he said. “We sat down and whats-his-name, the guy who did the Bond film we didn’t do? He stands behind us and I’m sitting with my daughter, her friends, and my girlfriend, when suddenly everyone goes ‘Saaaam!’ I’m, like, ‘Aaaaargh!'”

“I like Billie Eilish," he continued. "She’s doing her own thing. Nobody’s telling her what to do.”

Radiohead submitted a song for the 2015 James Bond film Spectre, but it was passed up for Smith's "Writing's On The Wall."

Yorke's comments come just days after Elton John gushed over the anti-pop star's talents.

"She is one for the most talented young ladies I’ve ever heard. Her album was amazing. She's come a long way very quickly. She's an incredible word of mouth artist," he said in an interview. "All the tracks we’ve played have been so different, and that’s what I love about her. There's is no box to put you in. There are no rules. I can’t wait to see her live because she has something very special going on. Talent like hers doesn’t come along very often."

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