The 1975's Matty Healy Really Wants to Make an Emo Documentary

Matty Healy is a fan of all kinds of music. He loves Kanye West so much that he gave him a shout out on "Love It If We Made It." He workshopped songs with One Direction back in the day and desperately wants to produce Harry Styles' next album with his bandmate George Daniel. He made a music video dedicated to Talking Heads. But let's face it, The 1975 frontman is an emo kid at heart. And he put that on full display in a recent Twitter post.

"There has been no definitive documentary made about emo. No documentaries at all really," he wrote. "I want to do a series that takes us from Rites of Spring through Get Up Kids to Brand New all the way to where we are now."

Although we're not entirely sure when the 29-year-old would have time to make this dream a reality considering he'll be busy touring the world for basically the whole year. Oh yeah, and The 1975 plan on releasing Notes on a Conditional Form, the followup to A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, sometime this year, too. But if he can make it happen, we're all for it. 

Check out his tweet below.

Photo: Getty Images

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